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Trip from Calais to Marseilles. Anyone?

MajeedMajeed Posts: 20
edited June 2012 in Tour & expedition
Hi everyone!

I am planning trip from Calais to Marseilles. I think it will take about 10 days to get there.

I wanna go through Paris.

Stay upto a week in Marseilles and cycle back to London :mrgreen:

I'm planning to do it next month - start between 9th and 16th July 2012. This can obviously be still changed.

I'm looking for some people to go with me

My biggest problem is - no one wants to join me!


  • bigjimbigjim Posts: 780
    Maybe if you gave more info. How old are you, state of fitness, mileage planned each day, B&B or Camping, where are you located? Why Marseilles? Not the most popular place if I remember correctly or easiest to fly out from. You will be travelling at the beginning of school holiday time, so prices will be up.
  • MajeedMajeed Posts: 20
    I wanna start between July 9th and 16th, so just before school holiday (i'm not sure about French summer holiday, it probably starts before UK, right?)

    I'm 22YO. Fitness? hmmm Im not Hercules but I can do it. Two weeks ago we went from Leicester to Cardiff and I've done better then I expected from myself. I study at uni in Leicester, but my parents live in Essex, and I will be based there from next week.

    I'm planning on doing about 50 miles a day, sightseeing speed :)

    Why Marseilles? I always wanted to go there :lol: Actually I can go anywhere warm on the seaside :twisted:

    I want to cycle there in about 10 days (maybe couple days more if we take day or two of rest). Stay on the French beach for upto a week, and cycle back.

    I'm not sure about accommodation, I'm thinking about taking tent with me, perhaps some days would be in a tent and some in hostels, etc.

    Of course all of these can be modified and changed.

    I might go to Saint Tropez
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