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SPD’s rule!

JonnyJHJonnyJH Posts: 47
edited June 2012 in Road general
Not been out on the bike as much as I’d like this weekend thanks to that stupid Delayed Muscle something or other. But went out this afternoon for an easy 7 miles to try and loosen my legs up a little.
A mate gave me his old SPD’s so figured would give them a try for the first time, I never used clipless peddles before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Until now just been using toe clips.
I found the position amazingly more comfortable, I was able to put more power and speed down, had nothing like the normal burn from lactic and had no trouble at all un-clipping.

Was the same 7 mile route I have done several times now, but managed to knock 1:45 of the time and got a PB threw a Strava segment.
All in all I’m pretty cuffed with the results! :D


  • Sacko86Sacko86 Posts: 6
    They are my next purchase :)

    Jumping with going tubeless and a cycle fit; another cheap month it would seem!
  • daveyroidsdaveyroids Posts: 223
    Yes spd's and similar pedals are great. Don't know how anyone can put up with toe clips. I have spd's on most of my bikes and they last for ages. Can't remember the last time I had to replace a pair of pedals or cleats.
  • monkeydanmonkeydan Posts: 95

    Went for SPDs for the first time when I started cycling again towards the end of last year. I have had a couple of clipless fails but these are generally because you forget to unclip when you come to a stop and end up doing a slow-motion sideways fall.

    But yeah, you can pedal much more smoothly, put loads more power down and, perhaps most importantly, can walk about without grinding down your cleats
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  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    I pushed my nephew into it a few weeks ago as he was more than ready to go clipless. Wishes he'd done it months ago. He said that even using the SPD shoes on normal pedals (before I had time to fit his pedals for him) was a big upgrade from trainers. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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