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Dartmoor Classic Some Photos

FoubiFoubi Posts: 8
I was out watching you people riding the Classic today and took some Photo' all on the 100 mile route.
Well done to all who Finished and the weather turned out OK in the end.

Click link to see the Photo's and if any of you find yourself and would like the original Photo let me know and I will send it to you. (email [email protected])

Cheers[email protected] ... 265453666/


  • Great photo's, thanks for posting. None of me, though (probably no bad thing!)
  • Some great photo's there, none of me that I can see either, but then I was a bit slow getting round yesterday! I do recognise some people though: I definitely remember seeing the kid in the p*sspot helmet in photo 3232 come past me at one point!

    Might be worth posting a link to these up on the Classic's Facebook page? Or I can do it if you'd like?
    Twitter: @FunkyMrMagic
  • FoubiFoubi Posts: 8
    Thanks for the comments, yes it would be good if you could put the link on the classic Facebook page for me. Much appreciated.
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