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I am currently looking for a good bike fitters in the local area and wondered if there was anybody who would could advise me.

I'm 6ft 5" and ride a Trek 1.5 62cm bought a few weeks ago.

I am currently riding to work and back covering 80-100 miles a week.

Unfortunately, this has taken its toll on my knees and my right elbow it would seem; and I presume this is down to an ill fitting bike.

Many thanks


  • Sacko86
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    Get the feeling there aren't any? :)

    Wouldn't mind going to CycleFit, but being in the centre of London will make getting there reasonably difficult.
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    Try Cycle-Ops in Tonbridge. Very capable.
  • Sacko86
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    Its actually where I bought the bike from, but heard/read mixed reviews about them.

    The bike is due it's service in a couple of weeks there too.
  • Starwasp
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    I have been using them for a couple of years. No complaints from me. I got a bike fit a year or so after I first started cycling and the fit worked really well: cut down on some joint pain and a bit more power.

    Sample of 1, admittedly, but 100% from me.
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    There's also the Bike Whisperer in Ealing if you want to make the trip. Has a pretty solid rep. although I haven't used him myself.
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    "On your bike" do a Bike fit service - they are a few meters from London Bridge station - so they should be easy to get to from Kent.
  • forward_loop
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    Downlands do one - (canterbury) never seen any reviews. Could be due to shoes/pedals etc aswell as an immediate increase in miles.
    Cant help on right elbow !?

    report back which you use - Kent seems to have a dearth of fitters
  • There's also Tribeca in Tunbridge Wells.

    Their mechanic is a friend, so I'm a bit biased, but they seem pretty good...
  • Soni
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    There's also Tribeca in Tunbridge Wells.

    Their mechanic is a friend, so I'm a bit biased, but they seem pretty good...

    +1 for this place, i went in there a couple of weeks ago for a look around, their basement is done out into a proper fitting studio, they have everything set up perfectly.
  • mickgall
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    you could try

    they have shops in Gillingham, Faversham, Herne Bay and Sevenoaks.
    I've used the Faversham one quite a bit, never had an issues with them.

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    Also cadence performance in crystal palace
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    a good friend of mine runs cyclelab in london near old street. he offers a bike fitting service. google cyclelab to find out more details :)
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    I have just had a bike fit carried out at Wildside Cycles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. £120.00 or £90.00 if you join their loyaly scheme which is a no brainer.
    I spent 2 hours in the capable hands of Gary and it was worth every penny.