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Second bike for 11yr old

jackmcdjackmcd Posts: 185

My son has an Islabike Luath which he loves, but in September he will be cycling to the bus station for a bus to a new school. I really dont want to have the Luath locked up in town all day.... The obvious thing may be to get a really cheap mountain bike - but then he is going to be cycling it every day so I feel a bit mean buying him a heavy steel contraption with rubbish components... Even ebay seems to have some really expensive, then hundreds of basket cases....

Anyone got any ideas for a compromise bike..? Decent enough for reliable daily use, but not expensve enough to attract thieves..?

Any thoughts appreciated - thanks :)


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,992
    You could do worse than look at the Btwin Rockrider for him. As its Decathlon its cheap and unlike the H place its relatively light and more importantly its reliable. My 12 yr has a 26 wheel small framed one and loves it. Prefers it to the GT Aggressor he did have because even though its bigger it is quite a bit lighter. A lot of people swear by the Btwin bikes, so as long as he can get one to fit him he should be all right, also a lot of people are bike snobs so hopefully not so knickable.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • I'd look for a used or new BMX style bike - cheap enough on eBay or from Halfords, and sufficiently different from the Luath that he won't feel cheated. If it gets stolen, its easy enough to get another off ebay - hundreds on there under £50.
  • jackmcdjackmcd Posts: 185
    Thanks guys - couple of good ideas there for me to look into!
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