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Replacement BB for FSA MegaExo on Kona Jake 2010

danielsbrewerdanielsbrewer Posts: 123
edited June 2012 in The workshop
It looks like my bottom bracket is on the way out. It fills "nobbly" as I turn the crank arms around by hand.

I have a Kona Jake 2010 bike with FSA MegaExo BB and FSA Omega Crankarms.

1) Is it possible for a mere mortal to replace this? What tools would I need?
2) What would be a suitable like for like replacement? How easy is it to get a compatible model? Something like this: ... elID=38998.

In it's history the crank arms came loose and although I tightened it up, I'm worried that because I didn't tighted up to the correct torque that I may have damaged the BB. Is that possible?



  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,405 Lives Here
    If you over tighten the screw holding the non-drive crank on that can make it feel rough. Take the crank off, grease the spline and tighten the screw gently. If the BB starts to drag or bind just back the screw off a tiny bit until it spins freely. Then when you've found the sweet spot tighten the clamp bolts.
    Worked for me when I had over done it trying to stop mine from creaking.
  • Thanks for that. I will give it a go.
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