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Sending a bike bag home

Ness1Ness1 Posts: 12
edited July 2012 in Tour & expedition
I am flying to Paris with my son to watch the end of the Tour De France and then cycling back to London to watch the Olympic Road Race. We will be taking our bikes with us and have a bike bags. The only problem is they are too big and heavy to carry with us. I have been looking at the cost of posting them home and keep hitting prices around the £300 mark, which is a little more than I want to pay. Can anyone make any other suggestions? We will be unsupported, but I can post the bags to my parents in the UK.


  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 554
    If you are you flying out there then get a free Bike box from Halfords or you Local bike shop then dump it?It how the airlines like your bike to be packed anyway..
  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Ground Effect Tardis bags pack down small enough to go into the normal parcel post.
  • CumbrianManCumbrianMan Posts: 240
    Deffo the bike box from Halfords or LBS. Bin at the other end.

    Just flew out to Geneva and like jc4lab says, that's how the airlines prefer them, as they are a more regular size and stack easier.

    And I had someone come and ask if they could have mine at the airport, so didn't even need to worry about leaving a mess.
    I've got a bike bag, but reckon I may use the boxes from now on.

    oh, there's always those CTC Plastic Bike Bags (about £8). Brought bike home and no damage, as the baggage handlers could see what they were handling, so I presume they took care.
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  • sajetssajets Posts: 18
    If you are using the plastic bike bags make sure you have plenty of padding inside the bag. I used a plastic bag on an easyjet flight and it took me an hour upon arrival to put the brakes back in place but did not manage to bend everything back into place after the return flight. I would not rely on the baggage handlers treating your bike with care.
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