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KentPuncheurKentPuncheur Posts: 246
edited June 2012 in Road buying advice
Hi all,

Looking at getting a decent turbo trainer to use for some intense interval training sessions and longer spins during the winter when conditons are such that I can't get out on the road.

Starting looking at internet reviews and it seems its a minefield, between trainers that do not offer a decent enough resistance, ones that are unbearably loud (for neighbours as much as anyone!), so thought I'd get any advice on hear that I can.

As I understand it, trainers that deliver a wattage output are very expensive. I have a basic HR monitor (on a watch!) so HR display is not essential, but would be helpful if one is found under budget (no more than £250).

So can anyone recommend one? Cheers all...
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  • HannersHanners Posts: 260
    kurt kinetic great turbo
  • tp2000tp2000 Posts: 102
    cycleops fluid 2.....excellent, good resistance curve and pretty quiet too.
  • ianevertonianeverton Posts: 231
    I have a CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer with winter kit, The winter training kits consist of a the Fluid 2 Trainer, Riser Block, Training mat, Bike Thong and Race Day DVD.

    PM me if your interested.
  • rob13rob13 Posts: 430
    +1 for Kurt Kinetic. The CycleOps is a top trainer too as I've used both.
  • meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
    I've got a Minoura one and it's ok, but the CycleOps one I used during my bike fit was considerably better. Much smoother and the resistance was a lot more controllable and usable. With the Minoura it's a bit binary really, so I find myself using the control on the TT as well as the bike's gears to get to the right overall resistance.

    Reasonably quiet though, and cheap.
  • egroeg79egroeg79 Posts: 45
    I would recommend the tacx flow. It comes with a computer telling you power, cadence, speed etc. Has 12 resistance levels and is an electric magnet so smooth and not very loud when used with tacx training tyre. You can print out training work outs from their website which are really useful. I got it for £200 from decatherlon last year, but I don't think they are selling it anymore but can be bought from ... html?lg=en for about the same price.
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