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Interesting article on Etape Caledonia

GarryboyGarryboy Posts: 344
Apologies if you have already seen it...worth a read, when is a charity bike ride not a charity bike ride.... ... sfeed=true


  • andrewjosephandrewjoseph Posts: 2,165
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  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,593
    Errr, this is common knowledge round here, I'm a bit surprised if many entrants weren't aware of it. And I'm a bit bemused at the idea that value for money depends on how rich the recipient is - are we supposed to shop at whichever supermarket makes the smallest profit? I suppose in Guardianworld maybe we are, but I personally have no moral objection to a business making a profit if it does so by providing goods or services that I consider worth paying for.
    I participate in the Etape Cal for my own satisfaction, and I give money to causes that I consider worth supporting entirely independently of this.
    As with most "premium" products, it is highly unlikely you are getting twice the benefit when you pay twice the price: I am prepared to pay the high entry fee because I feel it is worth it for what I get out of it - that's all.

    But actually I am somewhat inclined to agree with the overall point: you have to wonder how much benefit MacMillan, and now Marie Curie, have got out of the Etape C over the years. I have always presumed, as the guardian is implying, that charity status is an afterthought to a commercial event, which raises the question: why can't a charity run its own event and buy in event management on its own terms?
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