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Help a Fellow MTB'er win a Stevens Bike

rusty-rustyrusty-rusty Posts: 3
edited June 2012 in XC and Enduro
Hi everyone,

I am racing in a 100km Enduro at the end of June 2012 on my rickety old steed. I am a weekend warrior in desperate need of updating my bike but, like most of us probably, am short of cash to replace and/or upgrade.

The opportunity to win a Stevens MTB as part of the Enduro has come up, and this time my winning is not reliant upon my ability on the bike or, indeed, my fitness.

All I need is to have lots of people vote for my video which is here:

It is only a 30 second video and there is no registration required to vote - 1 touch voting system (simply click on the stars at the top of the screen). Hoping you can spare a minute or two to help me :)

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