Unable to ride? me too

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Just a general moan and call out for some solidarity for all those out there unable to ride at the moment (especially with the nice weather over the last few days).

I've just had ankle surgery and am off my feet completely for the next 6 weeks... slap bang in the middle of the summer, with my bike recently having had a full service, a few upgrades and running sweet again :cry:

So any sob stories out there :wink: , anyone else left frustrated by their inability to ride at the moment?


  • DHA987S
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    Me too! Right leg (rear of knee area) has some muscular issues so will need to rest for a bit. Gutted :(
  • bowden769
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    Me too. Going to hospital on Tuesday for op on my lung out for 6 ish weeks
  • Bishbosh10
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    Yep - recovering very slowly form patella tendinitis. Managed 4 1/2 miles on the flat on the road yesterday which is progress I suppose but off road is still a long way off :(
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  • Ransaka
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    Posterior Tibial tendon dysfunction :( On and off for 18 months, hopefully going to be making some progress shortly with new footwear and physio exercises but can't really cycle much. If I do manage to get off road I have to take it so easy it's hardly worth the effort (although it is nice to get away from town and people).
  • .blitz
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    Was out for 6 weeks earlier this year with a sprained shoulder (moving a table) followed by a sprained back (picking something up off the floor awkwardly because of the sprained shoulder) followed by a sprained knee cos I couldn't walk or stand properly. Spent the weekends hobbling to the shed, looking at my bikes and hobbling back to the house again.

    What I will say is that you will get better and if anything the enforced rest is a benefit. Without wanting to be all preachy it's a good opportunity to understand how the body heals and how you can get back up to speed again.
  • MDobs
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    One week down, five weeks to go. Glad to hear there are some other poor souls out there off their bikes too.

    "Posterior Tibial tendon dysfunction" sounds like one of those nasty niggly injuries which they don't know what to do about and so just tell you to rest.

    I'm filling my time by watching Wimbledon, and reading the brian lopes mountain bike skills book so when i do get back out on the bike i can bring a whole new level to my cycling... well that's the plan anyway.
  • .blitz
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    MDobs wrote:
    the brian lopes mountain bike skills book
    great book!
  • oodboo
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    I can't ride either but I'll get better sooner than most of you lot, I'm out due to illness rather than injury. Was looking forward to some more commuting on the new 29er and there's a cycling event on at the Quayside tonight that would have been good to take the kids along to.

    Speedy recovery to everyone.
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  • Ransaka
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    MDobs wrote:

    "Posterior Tibial tendon dysfunction" sounds like one of those nasty niggly injuries which they don't know what to do about and so just tell you to rest.

    Thankfully I've just had a decent hospital appointment and if the exercises work I might actually start seeing an improvement. It's only taken 18 months :roll: Still, hopefully, now that I've spoken to someone who seems to give a tug and knows his stuff I'll be back out falling off and running into trees in no time :)
  • 1mancity2
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    Dislocated my shoulder Friday so thats me out for a couple of weeks, its back in and not as bad as first thought so hopefully 2 weeks rest and strength exercises with the aid of a brace I should be ok.
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  • MDobs
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    i haven't dislocated my shoulder before but did dislocate my collar bone, which now just kind of floats as the tendons don't fully tighten up again. i was advised not to do anything active for at least 4 weeks as if you jar it again it'll just pop back out.
  • bobagg
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    Had a back operation 4 weeks ago for a herniated disc. It was an L4/5 microdiscectomy for those in the know lol. Healing ok and being off work for the past 4 weeks has been ace, but missing the bike loads. Physio says I should be ok to ride as long as I take it easy, but I think I'll wait a week or 2 yet. Not wanting to relapse and experience the pain I had before.
  • Stevo_666
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    See my thread below - broke a hand bone (index metacarpal) downhilling about 3 weeks ago. Hand and right forearm are in plaster until next week and the doc recommended another 2 weeks after that before MTB'ing. All I can do for exercise for now is running and a few sit ups. Boo hoo.
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  • no9ismine
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    Currently in hospital after knee operation and unable to do any cycling for 2 months, let alone mountain biking
  • just getting over a lateral meniscus repair and microfracture on right knee , had 8 weeks on crutches so my thigh muscles are shot to s@~t , looks even worse compared to left leg which has worked overtime . got the go ahead from physio to start biking (road) and swimming . On the plus side got to see all the giro italia , euro's, the tour, and olympics :D
  • Bishbosh10
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    Yay! My knee seems to finally be on the mend - only taken 16 months but I can now ride 10 miles without any pain afterwards. Huge step forwards but now no excuse for not getting fit!

    Just thought I'd post to encourage those who think they'll never get back in the saddle - persevere and you will get better!
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  • xcMuttley
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    Weeks is that all haha hope you are all feeling better, I have been off my mountain bike for 2 years there has been times were i have been able to ride on the road and with all the time off i have built to fixed/singlespeed road bike,
    Who thought you could get such a bad back at 14 (Im 16 now!!) Unfortunately back on crutches and wheelchair at the moment but hoping to be on my feet as soon as possible :)
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  • Eranu
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    Dislocated my elbow and shattered my radial head back in April. Got a nice shiny titanium plug thing to replace the end of my bone now and had to have the ligaments repaired.

    Been back on the bike about a month but I can still only extend my arm to about 155 degrees and it gets painful after a while.

    Like others have said you will get back on it, even if you're old like me, just need to be patent and do your physio.
  • Mmmmmm sitting here after a dreadful night sleep and a call to NHS 24. Aggravated an old prolapsed disc problem. At the moment numbness in my right foot and lack of strength in calf :cry: Have a Duathlon booked and paid for in January ( will have to be cancelled), skiing trip in March, just registered for Maggies Monster bike and Hike in May and Mountain Mayhem in June. Sitting here formulating my recovery plan. First, rest to let spasm recede. Then regular walking and swimming to ease mobility. Then back to yoga for core strength and more walking. Will have to take advice on bike fitting. Inherited a mountain bike and I thought the bars were too low which was putting pressure on lower back when pulling on climbs, already had enquired about new stems etc, Doh! Too late :roll: then when confident back on bike. :D