Help picking a starting off road bike

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Hello all,

I am looking to enter into road riding I have been riding my scott scale for a year or so now, and decided I wanted to look at a road bike. I know this a big change but I am planning to set a goal and work to competing in a triathlon.

I am not looking to spend too much at moment as I want to test the water then commit to something more expensive latter. I have two used bike option and not sure which to go with as they are very different one being almost new the other looks very good and well maintained but almost 10 years old parts on the bike are younger.

I would really value people opinion as a road bike novice choice as follows

Scott AFD team issue scandium frame. Almost 10 years old
Ksyrium SL wheels
Time millenium forks
Dura Ace rear Mech
Ultegra front mech/brakes/shifters
ITM Millenuim Stem
ITM Millenium Bars
Easton seat post
Ritchie headset
Selle Italia saddle

2011 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Road Bike

Frame: Via Nirone 7 Hydro Alu-Carbon

Fork: Bianchi FN11 Kvid Alu/Carbon B4P - 1.1/8

Headset: Fsa ZS4-Custom

Bars: Reparto Corse JD-RA37A.2 Compact alloy 2014

Stem: Reparto Corse DA-32 3D forged alloy Super Over

Speed: 20

Front Mech: Campagnolo Veloce Black 10sp

Rear Mech: Campagnolo Veloce Black 10sp

Shifters Campagnolo Veloce Black 10sp

Chainset: Fsa Omega MegaExo Compact 10sp 50/34

Cassette: Campagnolo Veloce UD 10sp 12/25

Chain: Kmc DX10SC 10sp

Front Brake: Reparto Corse RC-471 forged Alloy Dual-Pivot

Rear Brake: Reparto Corse RC-471 forged Alloy Dual-Pivot

Rims: Mach 1 Versus black with logo reparto corse

Seatpost: Reparto Corse SP-968-G Carbon fiber 31.6mm


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    My money's on the Bianchi - mainly because I've got one therefore know its a sound bike, and the other one is unfamiliar to me. I'd also avoid a 10 yr old bike just because its quite old, just like I'd avoid a 10 year old car. But then, I dont have the depth of knowledge that some others on here have to make a judgement call on an older bike - but I'll happily still be riding my bike in 10 years.

    But the single most important thing about your new bike is whether it fits you properly or not. This is much more important on a roaad bike than on and MTB. So if you're buying secondhand, the sizing is much more important than the gear on it - all of which is replaceable over time, except the frame. Here, read this:

    You can't decide you're a size X based on the fact your Y feet / inches tall. There's more to it than that, explained above. And being a Medium in one bike make / model doesn't make you a medium in them all, you need to constantly refer to the geometry of the model you're looking at.

    Its also a good idea to go to a bike shop and sit on a model of bike you might be eyeing up as a secondhand option, as there's no better way of seeing if it feels good. That's another thing going for the younger bike.

    If the bike doesn't feel good, dont get it.
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    Thanks makes a lot seance, I have tried the bianchi and fitted up on a 56 fame I did like the potion and it felt very well balanced i was going to check the Scott out and see the difference just thought it had good parts and from what I read the frame was a tour de France frame back in 2003
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    I too have a Bianchi as a trainer and for that reason I would go for's also Italian which is a great start :wink:
    Wilier Izoard XP "Petacchi"/ Campag Veloce/ Fulcrum Racing 5
    Bianchi Via Nirone 7/ Campag Xenon
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    I'll have the Scott please, depending on condition