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I've joined the Halfords Fantasy Tour de France Game at

If you're interested and want to join my mini-league. Go to the game ( at and go to 'Register to Play' ), pick your team then use the ‘mini-league admin' option to join my mini-league.

The details you need are:
League Name:
Bike radar fantasy TDF
League password:

It's not hard and it doesn't cost anything – plus there are some great prizes to win, so unless you're afraid of getting beaten I'm looking forward to seeing you in my league soon!


  • jonesey10
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    Come on guys and gals lets get few more people on board.
    Should be great competion this year.
  • jgsi
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    No need for bumping matey.. some of us are already BR PTPers (found in ProRace) season long ... and it is damned 'hard work' :wink:

    and yes more 'kudos' in AFX's superb product than ever will be in Halfords!
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    And I think a lot of people on here already do the fantasy cycling.
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    Well as no one had commented I had no idea what people thought.
    It was mainly the mini league I was getting people to join up to as I couldn't find one here but if you're sorted then that's cool with me.
  • I did the Halfords Fantasty League last year and loved it - gave up the Road CC one, though their information during the race was really useful. the social network site is also offering a £150 prize linked to the Halfords game which is another incentive. You have to register by he start of the game though - Friday 29th I think. Better odds.
  • jonesey10
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    We have over 50 competitors now and deadline for new teams is only a few hours away.
    I will not have access to a computer for the weekend as my 3 year old son has broken the screen on my laptop!
    I finish work at 4 and will check any new applicants just before then but if you submit after this time you will miss out on the first 2 or 3 stages. sorry about that.
    Good luck everybody.