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Slade Woods - Magor/Caldicot Area, South East Wales

oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
edited December 2013 in Routes
Just thought I would share with anybody who lives in the South East of Wales, particularly in Caldicot/Chepstow/Magor, about a decent set of trails I ride on a daily basis called Slade Woods. They lie just opposite Rogiet, and provide easy but really fun woodland trails. Every time I go i seem to explore a new trail i have never ridden before plus the Quarry adjacent to the woods has a few makeshift jumps and jibs.

Here is a picture of the woods' location:

map2.jpg ... m/map2.jpg
map1.jpg ... m/map1.jpg

I definitely suggest you try them out if you live in the area as you can just ride straight on up into them and spend a good few hours riding. If you ever see me riding my white FSR XC Pro up there say hi!


  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    how long are the trails there mate? i've ridden wentwood quite a few times before

    there's a guy who rides with our club who's from caldicot i think - but he had his bike nicked a few weeks ago!!

    check out and maybe post it there and we could sort out a club ride there and you can show us around :D
  • oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
    They are certainly not what i would call 'long' trails. You'd be looking at 1-2 minute rides tops. It depends on what routes you take as a lot of them are inter-linked. You do usually have to end up riding back up as most of the trails end in the same bottom area of the woods but its still good fun. It's not actually in Wentwood, a little south of there much smaller too but i find in Wentwood it can be difficult getting back to where you parked the car/came from as its so big!

    I'll take a look at the website cheers!
  • Steve_PDSteve_PD Posts: 5
    Thread revival.....

    Just stumbled across this am the one Kev mentioned, had my bike nicked a couple months ago :x

    I ride slade woods a couple times a week and its good for a quick ride. Can rack up 10 miles around there with out riding the same trails more than once.

    Bit of a mud bath at the moment though.

    Wentwood trails are good fun its just trying to link them altogether and to not get lost :D
  • jondijondi Posts: 152
    I ride up there from time to time, do you help make any new trails up there? Would be good if new paths were cleared up there. Shame they don't use the Quarry as a coarse or something, granted they would need to make safe first.
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