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I recently started a new job which is a 2 hour door to door commute (yes, brutal) and means i am out from 6am until 8pm.
As a result i have dropped off my week day rides and miss them greatly. I am thinking of trying to get out even just twice a week at about 10pm having given time for my dinner to digest. I'd be looking at getting out just for an hour.
Does anyone else have to fit in their rides like this? How does it work out? Any advice?
Thanks in advance


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    I do this when my shifts get changed around, in fact I've just got in from a ride.

    It can take some getting motivated to go out late but I always enjoy it when I do. I do this every 3 weeks.

    You've just got to watch you don't wear yourself out if your working long shifts, as I also know all about this :evil:
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    I find it hard to sleep if I go to bed soon after an evening training run so I'd try to get out earlier (lunchtime? before dinner?) if I were you. But maybe being out at work from 6am-8pm means you won't have a problem getting to sleep!
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    99% of my riding in the last 18 months has been after 7:30 in the evening. Right now it's a lovely time to be out, in the Winter it can get a mite chilly. Get tired enough and the sleep will follow!
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    For riding in the dark, get yourself the most powerful lights you can afford and plaster yourself in reflective tape, it's far more visible than fluorescent colours. A pair of reflective ankle-bands makes your rear and side-on visibility better than almost any lights. Riding along country lanes in the dark is safer than daylight IMO as you can see what's coming and cars are generally more responsive to a big, f-off LED headlight 'cos they don't know whether you're a car with only one working headlight and give you a wide-berth.
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