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This is a long one, so I'll keep it brief:
I have a 2008 Stumpjumper FSR Expert and after some wear on my chainrings and a bent rear derailleur (and a birthday) I'm looking to upgrade.
1) Would it be a good upgrade to go from the LX front derailleur / XO rear and and XT crankset to a full 2012 XT drivetrain? For reference I live / ride in pretty steep conditions.
2) Would my old X9 shifters work with this set-up?
3) Would XT brakes be a good upgrade from the stock Avid Ultimate 7's? Or something else better with a good value?

And then for my wife:
She has a 2009 Stumpjumper Safire. She's rougly 5 foot 3 inches and not comfortable riding clipless:
1) What would be a good pair of lightweight [downhill] platform pedals; secure, but for small feet?
2) Could I swap her Avid Juicy 5s with my Ultimate 7s (to save weight?), or would that be too much stopping power?
3) Could I swap her crankset with my old XT crankset (again to save weight)
4) I'm thinking to get the RockShox Reverb, but not sure what size to get for her size (and hopefully the seat tube diameter is the same)
5) She's looking for a more comfortable (plush) saddle vs. the stock Specialized.

I know this is a lot of questions, but any advice would be appreciated.


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    SRAM and shimano gears are not mixable. More info on what parts your are thinking about. 10spd kit is mot mixable with 9spd or other makes.

    Chains cranks cassettes are mixable.

    See the FAQs for details.

    That is buying advice not tech advice.

    See above.


    Easier the seat post and see. Shims are available.

    Ask in buying but one that fits.
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