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fixie71fixie71 Posts: 53
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For those who use Manchester velodrome, an almighty injustice has been carried out involving the organiser of the Friday night track league, 'Manchester Regional Track League'. A campaign has started on face book in support of Peter Lickfold, go to, and track the growing number of members offering support. Cheers.
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  • oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
    I read both articles and am not sure how you can say a great injustice has been done unless you know exaclty what happened.
    I am sure the organiser has done many good things but I am not sure going on a forum to ask people to give support to somone who they may not know or understand the case is a good idea. I would not do it personally as I do not know the organiser and have no idea the history of the case.
    To me it seems its best sorted out with the organiser and the parents ?
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