Cycling Clubs in Acton/Chiswick/Ealing/West London

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Hi i'm new to this site and i'm not sure if i'm posting in the right place or what not so if you find this at its annoying then sorry... I'm a below knee amputee and i really want to start cycling for a club with a team and such in my local area, Acton/Chiswick/Ealing. I've tried looking on google but can; get anything useful from it. Does anyone know where i should be looking, any clubs that they can tink of, any useful web links that i can try. i'm not particulary looking for a disabled cycling club just a normal one is what i am looking for. Thanks for any help.


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    I live in Fulham and I have just started going with the Kingston Wheelers, based, wait for it, in Kingston.

    It's not that near to you, but very manageable to get there - head south through Richmond park.

    They're a big big club (400 odd members), across all abilities. Seems friendly and well organised - and they were heavily recommended when I was asking about.
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    well done alley cat for getting out there and enjoy the thrill of bikeling - you might find some inspiration from BR forum member and world champ pokerface

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    Hi, if you look on British Cycling web page they list clubs that are affiliated to them. I would think most road clubs are.
  • Thanks so much guy's i'm looking into it now
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    You could also look at London Phoenix, we're internet based so a don't have a defined geographic location. There's a few of us in West and South London that are always looking for a ride. Kingston Wheelers are also worth looking at and seem decent bunch
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