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London to Paris - Action Medical Research

marco67marco67 Posts: 91
edited June 2012 in Tour & expedition
Next month i'm participating in the London to Paris ride for Action Medical Research. The ride pack makes suggestions about lots of kit that I should carry, but i'm trying desperately to avoid using a backpack.
Has anyone done this, or similar organised ride and can they offer any recommendation on what should be carried and taken.
Ciao Marco


  • izzaizza Posts: 1,561
    Did the AMR L2P a few years ago. No need for a backpack.

    Its like doing 3/4/5 day (depending on which route) sportives consecutively. They carry your luggage ahead of you so on your person you only need what are that day's requirements, e.g. in terms of:

    - energy, they have snack stops every 30-40 miles, so a few gel's and drink powders will do
    - weather, just carry a gilet or mac in the back pocket
    - punctures, mechanicals, then have a spare tube or two in your saddle bag and several others in your luggage
    - the route, they give you compact map books to help you
    - final dinner, a bit of decorum*
    - the TdF finish, an alarm clock as you'll need to be at the end of Champs D'Elysees very early to get a good view

    * personally I got completely hammered on cocktails and burst back into the dinner whilst there was a very sombre speeach about the charity's work. Couldn't walk properly and definitely couldn't talk or focus properly. Ended up getting a round of applause just for making the breakfast the next day.
  • marco67marco67 Posts: 91
    Izza, thanks for the reply - nothing quite like making a grand entrance!

    I can't wait, hoping there will be some slow plodders at the back to ride with and enjoy one or two beers with in the evenings.


    Ciao Marco
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