Bars and stems - aluminum vs. carbon

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So the Pros like to use aluminum bars and stems because they have less chance of being damaged so bad in a crash that they can't be use to finish the race.
My question is does using the aluminum bars and stem increase the chaces of damaging something like your frame, fork, or head set? It seems, to me, like all that force could just be transferd through the bar and stem.

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    Read your first statement and then ask yourself the question again :-)

    If that were true how would they increase their chances of finishing?
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  • I see your point, however, most pros still have a sare bike and a car to bring it to them so I figured they could be less worried about it. Though, with that logic bars wouldn't make such a big difference either.
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    Personally - I bought a Zipp Service Course SL alloy stem and bar - the weight difference is next to nothing (sometimes less than Carbon set-ups). Now bearing in mind most bikes have to be weighted a bit to get to the 6.8kg - why would they bother with carbon - I also think (given that most of a bike weight is at the back) that there might be an advantage in spreading the weight forward a little - this is just a guess but it would make sense to me (but I am an idiot).
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    I dont think they have less chance of being damaged - I cant see how super thin walled aluminium is going to be stronger than carbon.

    I think its to do with the fact that if they do crash, its obvious when an alu component is damaged i.e. it will be bent/dented/cracked

    With carbon, the damage can be difficult to spot.