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Which MTB for less than a £1000?

bazman1981bazman1981 Posts: 6
edited June 2012 in MTB buying advice
Recently someone stole my 2009 Specialized Rockhopper.

I'm now looking to replace it and have decided to up my budget on this one. I'm unsure what to go for though.

At the minute I am looking at these three bikes:

Pinnacle Iroko One 2012 - £950 (with FREE £100 accessories)

Cannondale Trail SL 3 2012 - £750

Specialized Rockhopper Expert 2012 - £750

I went to Evans Cycles today and the chap pretty much said the Pinnacle was the one to go for, but I forgot that Pinnacle is Evans own brand.

I'm looking to purchase this using the Cycle to Work scheme so I can't order a bike online.

Any help on this would really be helpful as I'm a bit stuck.



  • ElliesDadElliesDad Posts: 245
    Have a look at the Boardman Team at £849 and the Boardman Pro at £999 as well, better specced bikes than the three you mention. Certainly in the case of the Specialised and Cannondale, the Boardmans offer much better forks and the Pro offers a better fork than the Pinnacle.

    That is of course if Halfords are part of your C2W scheme.
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  • Thanks for the advice. Those bikes do look good.

    The problem is that Halfords have their own cycle to work scheme -

    My scheme is this one -
  • ShylockShylock Posts: 98
    Nearly all bike shops except the vouchers so do not be limited to Evans. Also take a look at the Genesis Core range, very balence of spec on the bikes and great trail/xc frame.
  • I know which of my local shops accept my voucher. It's just I can only get the Boardman at Halfords and the pinnacle at evans.

    I'll have a look at genesis core. Does anyone have any opinions on the bikes I have posted? Is the pinnacle worth that much? Is air suspension much better? Are the components on the Rockhopper and Cannondale not as good?

  • The spec of the pinnacle looks OK, but only what i'd expect on any branded £1k bike. Given that, i'm not sure i'd buy the Pinnacle unless you wanted a bike that looked less attractive to tea leaves by virtue of its brand ?
  • Could you recommend an alternative?

    I am really only looking to spend around £850 on the bike. Does this not just leave me with branded bikes?
  • The Pinnacle has to the uninitiaited the benefit of not being immediately identifiable as a decent bike - i'd wager t would be overlooked by a thief alongside a Trek or Specialised bike. Given you've already suffered one loss it might be a consideration to you ?

    There are plenty of £1k bikes around - its a case of looking, trying etc. Stock of 2012 models might start to dwindle over the next few months as outlets start to prepare for 2013 models.

    There's always some good offers on Pauls Cycles and Ash cycles websites if you are happy with a 2010/2011 model (sometimes better spec than 2012 versions anyway a/c manufacturers holding price points with rising costs and increase VAT in the case of 2010 vs 2011 ).

    Also some good deals on Marin bikes at Winstanleys - the Nail Trail is a slightly old design but its a great frame.. ... _Bike_2011

    Also, bt cheaper, the Palisades trial ... http:/i/

    or the Eldridge Grade... ... _Bike_2011

    These are just a few examples of whats around at good discount from RRP, and in your sort of price range. I picked up a Merida Matts Trail 500-D for my son this week for £430, half RRP, so there are deals out there
  • Thanks for your post. I will have a look at those bikes. I think I am a bit restricted though as I am getting this on a cycle to work scheme.

    I'll have a better look at my local shops now though. See if there are any bargains to be had!
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