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Charge Duster (budget build)

Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
edited January 2013 in Your mountain bikes
Started out as a nice cheap bike, using a few speare parts that were taking up space in the garage. Frame and for cost £50. The rest has cost me considerably more, but it is such a great bike to ride. Especially when thrashing past guys and gals on bikes costing thousands. One chap even told me i needed to get some suspension.
will be adjusting the saddle before the next ride, just threw it on for the pics.


  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    Finished, Check out my custom Giant Reign 2010
    Dirt Jumper Dmr Sidekick2
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    Nice build. Duster frames are great, really nice ride.
  • specialeyesspecialeyes Posts: 542
    That's really nice! What does it weigh?
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
    Thank you. Not sure on the weight, as I'm a fatty. Will get it weighed at some point though. Would like carbon fork, seat post and bars. Either that or transfer all the parts on to a Cove Stiffee frame. This'll last the summer at least though, as so easy to keep clean after rides.
  • gaff_taffgaff_taff Posts: 346
    Can't help but notice but in the first pic is your seatclamp facing backwards?

    I think it is but not sure :D
  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
    Some frames have the slit in the seat tube facing forward to stop all the crud from the back wheel getting in the tube and/or the clamp mechanism.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Nice steely u have there used to own one goes like stink,
    I changed the forks to reba,s though.
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
    I'm actually thinking of fitting a 100mm travel fork, but you're right, it rolls unbelievably fast, even with a 14 stone+ fatty on board.
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
    Quick update. On the look out for some 120mm forks, if anyone has anything suitable, let me know.
    Pretty much the full compliment of Hope accessories, all I need now is the bottom bracket. Carbon bars now fitted as well, the quality is superb.
  • Nice. Is this the prestige frame or the infinity? Ace ride, i love mine. Really really plush ride with decent forks on. Im sure you will love it even more!
  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    What size is the frame, if your selling the frame/fork after summer PM me :)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Get the frame heli taped up as mine chipped well easy.
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
    Frame is a small. I'm 172cm, and it has on occasion felt a little too small, but mostly that's just when the going gets really rough. Just bought a Cove Stiffee frame, so will be using parts from this bike to build up the Cove.

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