Riding Buddys Wanted Bournemouth area

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I am a very keen rider (intermediate/ ish) who has been riding my Specialized Pitch Pro for about 2 years, I enjoy enduro type trail riding with fun flowing technical D/H etc. at the moment i tend to ride on my own (Boring) or with one of my friends who is a beginner but am wanting to find enthusiastic individuals with the same interests and skill (if not better to enhance my skills) to make a sociable group to ride with. at the moment i tend to travel to trails such as Queen Elizabeth country park but am keen to find some exciting trails closer to home as fuel costs are a joke.

if your interested in going on regular rides close to home or further a field give me a PM




  • Hey Matt
    I ride mostly blue graded trails as I'm also an intermediate rider. I ride mostly round Moors Valley , Ringwood and the New Forest. I know a couple of routes too if your interested
  • VerwoodAsh
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    You are best of trying the Dorset Rough Riders - The biggest club in the area and have plenty of organised rides and then other rides of the back of them. Someone is usually riding every day of the week.


    as for riding from Bournemouth, The Purbecks are your best choice. Try the big bikes shops Ride & Primeria who both head over there on different nights and are open to all.

    I too live in Verwood like the poster above and I can say 'It's Okay'. The trails are not as technical as QE which in turn are not as technical as Wales etc and are rather flat. There are more trails outside of the way marked one, especially to the North of Verwood. It's good for me as I can ride from my front door.
  • cheers VerwoodAsh went out with DRR a few times last year which was good fun but with my shift pattern found it very difficult to get out in time for the pre arranged rides.. i will have to venture into verwood, i hear watchmoore wood is meant to be ok