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Cake Stop Posts: 2,265

Can you post with a bit of respect rather than add some smarmy comments?

Try again. ADMIN.

Your new post was removed for the same reasons. You have been banned for one day until you learn how to post in a friendly and constructive manner regarding the team, who are working as we speak on the forums. Changes are currently under progress. Please give us time to finish them, jumping in and adding silly comments is NOT helping. The forum was renamed as it saves sifting through 420 pages of posts and picking out ones that conform to the new Cake Stop rules and ones that don't. However safe, popular threads will be moved. A new Cake Stop was created - this brings in line BOTH forums to the points we outlined. The girls threads have been merged into ONE (one thread was the goal - we are still searching for the others).

Further changes will be made over the weekend.
This discussion has been closed.