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Humble Carrera Fury...

goldeneyedmonkeygoldeneyedmonkey Posts: 66
edited June 2012 in Your mountain bikes
Well I've lurked about on here for a while, bought some stuff, and got seriously jealous over some of your bikes. So here's my Carrera Fury. Bought for £200 off Ebay :)

The seller described it as being in a lot worse condition than it was, the frame has a few dings and a fair few chips, but I'm not fussed. Only thing I had to change to make it rideable was to get a new seat/ post/ pedals/ chainrings & tubes. I've also got a new chain, cassette, grips and recently bought some Nobby Nics. I thought I'd got on someone else's bike when I'd put the Nobby Nics on! It's like night & day :D .


Oh also changed the pads to A2Z Blue organics and had the back one bled.
Next up on the list is a Joplin 4, I reckon the magnesium look of the shaft (is it magnesium?) will go well with the forks. Then after that switching it to 2x10 or 2x9. Whatever I can get done cheapest. Sick of chain slap.

Cheers all _Dan.


  • £200 well spent! Looks a bargain!
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Good work, very nice buy. Move the rear brake cable forward a bit to tighten it around the rear stay.
  • Bargain indeed I reckon! Will do Chunkers, cheers.
  • chez_m356chez_m356 Posts: 1,893
    £200 of ebay, i bet you end up spending as much again if not more on it, and id still say it was a bargain :lol: those fury's are fantastic bikes, nice one :wink:
    Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 10- CANYON Nerve AM 6 2011
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