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'92 Marin Palisides Trail

matt@theforce[email protected] Posts: 647
edited August 2012 in Your mountain bikes
After being on the search for a '92/'93 GT Avalance/Timberline for some time I have aquired a '92 Marin Palisides Trail from a girl at work.

The bike belonged to her girlfriend who has owned the bike from new & at the time was a fitness trainer & treated the bike like her baby, needless to say the bike appears to be in quite good condition, there is the odd mark here and there but has spent most of the last 10years being moved from various sheds/horse stables/garage as it wasn't being used.

To say that I'm like a pig in something is an understatement :D . The bike was brought into work tonight & so far I've managed a quick 10min break to have a ride around the car park and everything works, gears quick & smooth, brakes work well but need a little adjustment and some air is needed in the tyres, other than that its ready to roll 8)

Frame - 17.5" Cromo Frame
Fork - Rockstar Cromo
Brakes - Shimano 200GS Leavers Now Shimano Deore v-brakes
Chainset - 300LX
Rear Mech - 300LX
Front Mech - 300LX
Tyres - Marin ProCombo 26x2.00


Full Original Spec


  • sdavies141sdavies141 Posts: 49
    Sweet as ....
  • Seeing that makes me feel old!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Now that's retro quality.
  • twonkstwonks Posts: 554
    Nice looking base for a project to get it back to 100%.

    Takes me back too as my first 'real' mtb was a 1990 Timberline with the grey flecked paint scheme.
    Was very very heavy but the brucey bonus was it used to smash through the countryside - sometimes literally :D

    Whilst it does indeed make one feel slightly old, it also shows the progress in bike technology and build over the years.
  • matt@theforce[email protected] Posts: 647
    edited October 2012
    So far I've given it a bit of a clean & whilst looking around for new brake pads I decided to replace all the braking system with some v-brakes (not to everyones taste but I prefer them) so these were bought and some new new cables were ordered too

    Whilst on ebay I purchased a replacement stem which had the top bung that I didn't have on this bike (its the little things that make the difference)

    And as the handlebar grips had torn & been taped up with black insulation tape I ordered some new grips
    Again, not to everyones taste but I quite like them & they're quite a good match.

    Its had a good clean up and now offers really quick, smooth gear changes and is a pleasure to ride.

    Have one more bit to sort out, The bars/forks rock a little under braking. Once sorted I might start enquiring about getting the frame/forks stripped and re-painted (Trying to keep the same colour scheme)

  • mikeouk wrote:

    A bit too new for what I'm after
  • Dave_P1Dave_P1 Posts: 565
    Haven't seen one of those for years in that colour scheme. Marin made some great looking bikes back in that era.
  • Really want to see this restored to its former glory, it makes my 97 nail trail look positively cutting edge!
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  • pastey_boypastey_boy Posts: 2,083
    Thats ace that is.
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