I’m getting faster! :)

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I have now been cycling for 9 days after a 10+ year hiatus. Did another 7 miles tonight on a route I have now done 5 times and logged a few with Strava. So far every time I have ridden it my average speed has increased! :)
According to Strava my average speed has gone up 0.5mph. My times are hardly anything to scream and shout about but I’m happy all the same.
Don’t think my fitness has actually increased after only a few days but more my efficiency on the bike has got better, knowing what gear to use etc...

No real question, just me feeling the need to share :)


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    Hi, I know what you mean, it is so energising to feel the fitness increase, and rewarding because it keeps going up the more you do it, but you are right about the bike, you need to be at one with your ride at that can take a while and a few tweaks along the way.
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    And confidence and competence on a bike too. My times are coming down massively like they did when I first started running. It's great isn't it x
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    dont forget to pencil in some rest days - doesnt matter how far you cycle - if your doing it regularly your body will change to meet the challenge - give it a day or 2 to catch up with your enthusiasm. :D
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  • Enjoy it while it lasts, gains come slowly after a while :P
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    try wearing red and you'll go even faster!

    add a stripe and you'll need to really hang on to those handlebars :)
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    I’m now 2 weeks in and my times are still dropping nicely. Also going out doing longer rides and hitting some decent climbs.
    Did 13.7 miles yesterday with 826ft according to Strava. I went down to Weirwood then back up the other side, was a bit too steep for me though and had to stop about half was up. I didn’t walk the bike up though. Just stopped for 2 or 3 mins and carried on peddling. Did make it over Turners Hill and am pretty chuffed about that!
    I tried to go out again today for a 7 mile ride but my legs were to messed up from yesterday so ended up just doing 3 miles! Lol
    Am planning to do a few more rides this week around the 13 -15 mark then at the weekend hoping to get my fist 20miler in! :)

    Upwards and faster!!!
  • my advise as a relative newcomer to the cycling world is build up your distances week by week and in no time you will be doing 20 miles and beyond , I'm by no means a great cyclist but today i went out and rode 32 miles in 1hour 47 average speed is 17.9 with around 1000ft of climbing , i started doing 5 miles a day just under a year ago and built it up weekly i now look to ride at least 100-150 miles a week and Ive just got my weight to 18 stone 13 for the first time in 6 years and I'm well happy :)
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