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Older (08), but still a beauty - Mt Vision

BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
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Hi all,

Time to share my latest bike with you.. an immaculate 2008 Marin Mount Vision (winner of bike of the year awards etc!). I managed to pick this up for a bargain on the bay of fleas... the guy I got it from had purchased it in 2008, ridden it 40 miles, taken up fishing and it sat in his garage for 4 years... so, it really is in perfect condition!!

I owned one of these 2 years back and have since been through, including the first Mt Vision, 5 other bikes (Mt Vision, Carbon 456, '06 Enduro, '11 Boardman FS, '10 Marin Attack Trail) , now back to this!!

Everything is mostly standard at the moment:
With the exception of nice new 2012 XT trail pedals and 2102 Raceface ride stem.
Sadly, due to using a work computer at the moment, this is the only pic I can upload, but will happily add more as the changes happen!

Basic Spec:

08 Mt Vision Frame
RP23 Shock, 120mm
Fox Float RL forks, 120mm
Full XT gearing
Pro2 hubs on XM317 rims
Conti Mountain Kings, 2.2
Avid Juicy Carbon brakes, 160mm f&r
FSA Carbon post
EA70 bars
WTB Devo slimline saddle

Planned changes are:
M775 XT wheelset to replace the Pro2's (if anybody has some and fancies some Pro2's, please let me know)
XT Brakes with RT76 rotors, 180f/160r (again, if anybody has some, let me know)
Charge spoon (awaiting delivery from Evans)
Carbon bars (not sure which ones, or when this will happen - bottom of the list)

It's a fantastic bike to ride, feels like a lot more travel on the downs, yet climbs sooooo well (even without propedal or lockout). Anyway, I know it's not a brand new, innovative machine like some of the beauties on here, but it's mine and I love it.

Comments always welcome :)


  • Looks very nice. Would love one of these!
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    Thanks mate, I'm very happy with it so far.. It's why I bought a second one!! :)

    Just a few more pics..

    Not sure of the weight, but it's much lighter than the Attack Trail I had before this.. I just need to find time to ride it now! :)
  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    Time for a little update. After my birthday, I got a ton of new bits, but not had the chance to fit them as I am now broken and off the bike indefinitely :(

    After a bout of inflatable sumo wrestling Friday night at a work party, I jarred my back. A few scans/x rays later, I've been told I have a misaligned pelvis, a lumbar sprain and to top it off, my discs in between my vertebrae are farked - degenerative disc disease, apparently. The doctor said I have the spine of somebody twice my age. At 29, this is pretty bad news for me, as it means any full on cycling, long distances etc will only make it worse. :(

    I'll be off the bike for at least 6 months while I try to sort things out with physio and swimming, but I'll never be able to ride how I used to.

    As for the bike - considering I've barely used it (XT pedals for example have been fitted and not even clipped into), I am reluctant to admit defeat and sell it to downgrade. Mentally, I'm telling myself I have to get through, I will get better and I will ride again, just not in the same capacity.

    I just needed to vent somewhere, as cycling has been my main hobby for 16 years now, I feel lost :(

    Look after your back guys & girls.
  • tarbot18tarbot18 Posts: 531
    sorry to hear that keep hold of it and it ll give you something to aim for in a few months.

    ps bouncy castles and adults never a good mix but who can resist !!!
    The family that rides together stays together !

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  • BeardfaceBeardface Posts: 5,495
    :) thanks buddy, I won't be beaten, but have to be realistic that my 60 mile days out are pretty much over. I will ride again, I'll make sure of that.

    Is was this kind of thing, so a harder landing..

    Having an 18st opponent doing the above didn't help either... :(

    Valium, monster painkillers and anti inflammatories are seeing me through at the moment, will drag myself to the local leisure centre later to enquire about swimming membership!
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