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Yeti ASR 5 Sizing

yukonmanyukonman Posts: 27
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I'm thinking of buying a Yeti ASR 5 alloy, and have read lots of comments about yeti's weird sizing, I'm 6'1 with a 32 inside leg, which in theory would put me on a large, but im not sure - I've sat on a medium in a shop and it seems ok.

I intend to use the bike for mainly trail riding/xc and currently have a Ragley mmmbop with 18" frame (let me know if anyone wants it for a price!), and also a 2009 Specialized FSR full suss in Large, which has similar geometry to a medium sized Yeti!

I can't get my hands on a large so are there any other yeti owners out there who can tell me what they run? and what their measurements are? help!!



  • dan45adan45a Posts: 143
    Hi, I run a medium asr5c, I'm 5'8" with 31inch leg.

    They do come up bigger than most bikes ive tried. I had a medium zesty before and its a fair bit longer. I use a 50 mm stem.

    Would have thought large would be your size but until you try one be tough to say.

    Amazing bikes, soooo bloody fast!!
  • PenylopePenylope Posts: 320
    They defo come up a bit on the larger side. I'm 6ft1 and ride a large Heckler and Soul, but have swung a leg over a medium ASR5 with a 70mm stem and it felt about the same size. When the guy got the tape measure out, the Yeti was actually slightly larger than my Heckler which I had with me in the shop.
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