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Seller hasn't sent goods and ignoring pm

Hi all.

I'm looking for advice please on a transaction that seems increasingly likely to have gone bad.

I sent money to a seller of reasonably good reputation on here on 3rd of May. I did it by bank transfer. The seller has been very slow to communicate, citing moving house, however his last communication was May the 13th when he pledged to post the seatpost on Tuesday the 15th of May. On the 23rd of May I pm'd him asking that he decide whether he wanted to post my item or refund me, and asking for clarification if he had already posted. I have heard nothing since despite the seller having my pm, email, my phone number, and my address. According to the message board my last pm has been received.

It's odd because the other buyers seem to have got their items fairly quickly. And the seller has a reputation as reliable, albeit slow to send items. I've been straightforward and polite throughout.

Can anybody advise me on the steps to take? It's a Thomson seatpost and the amount is £35.

Cheers in advance


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