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Canyon XC 9.0SL...or Canyon AM 9.0...or something else....?

keppykeppy Posts: 10
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So here's the (nice) dilemma - i'm looking for a new full sus bike to run alongside my aged but trusty Trek hardtail. I do mostly XC and singletrack, but live in one of the hilliest parts of the UK and I therefore have no option but to do a bit of downhill now and then (nothing too extreme though). Because of this I need something that's going to be a very able climber.

It's been a while since I bought a new bike, so i've done heaps of research and visits to bike shops to get a general idea on what i'm looking for. But I keep coming back to the Canyons, they just seem extraordinary value. The two i'm considering are:

Canyon Nerve XC 9.0SL -
Canyon Nerve AM 9.0 -

Because i've a Trek already and have come to love my hardtail, i'm also considering the Fuel EX 8.0:

Trek Fuel EX 8 -

As you'll see i'm happy to spend around £2-2.5k.

So, what would you buy given these requirements and budget....or perhaps wait for the end of season sales....?


  • turnerjohnturnerjohn Posts: 1,069
    That Nerve XC is epically good value :D Im shocked how good.
    spose it boils down to what you want the bike for.
  • ShacksterShackster Posts: 257
    Nerve XC climbs very well, far better than my mid 90s featherweight titanium hardtail. If truth be told I sometimes wish I'd gone for the AM for extra downhill ability, but the times I'd want that are outweighed by the times I'm glad I went for the lighter option. The xc is still very capable downhill anyway. Not sure how much difference 20mm extra travel really makes anyway! From how you describe your riding, I'd say XC.
    2011 Canyon XC 8.0 (Monza Race Red)
    1996(?) dyna-tech titanium HT; pace RC-35's; Hope Ti Hubs etc etc
    Bianchi Road Bike
  • mattjevansmattjevans Posts: 253
    I just got am AM 6 and think it's brilliant, but it's my first full-suspension anyway.

    I see the AM 9 has just dropped in price a bit.
  • gregwarigregwari Posts: 230 ... ID=9468608

    I've just ordered one of these (£1255), delivery took a week. Getting LBS to build it up this week with new tyres / crankset from current Meta + new derailleur / cassette etc. Might be worth a thought along with the carbon super 4, which I thinks £80 cheaper.
  • cubicboycubicboy Posts: 117
    I have a 9.0Sl. It's a storming bike. Very light. Very capable. It's taken all that the Peaks can throw at it (so far). It also excels as an XC machine in trail centres where the suspension at both ends is super plush. No regrets parting with my money for this bike: XTR; Crossmax; Ritchey carbon; Fox FIT... it's almost top-spec.
  • keppykeppy Posts: 10
    Thanks for the replies. I now reckon I can get a 2012 Trek Fuel EX9 for the same money as the Canyon XC 9.0SL as i've found sale prices starting to hit the shops.....components look comparable between the two, throwing a spanner in the works somewhat!!

    I suppose i'm down to getting full LBS support, or finding my LBS gets grumpy when I spend £2.5k with a mail order company in Germany....
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