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Signed Bjarne Riis biography

molotoffmolotoff Posts: 13
Hi gents,

As you have kindly pointed out in your news article here ... ore-34222/ first 50 copies are signed.

There is however no indication at the store if the 50 copies were already sold. Could someone clarify that as this is a somewhat relevant piece of information for the purchase.

Thanks and regards


  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    Hi Molotoff,

    I've asked and there are generous stocks of signed copies available (there's now a message on that page to that effect). When we've run out of these we'll update that message to say that there are no further signed copies, so that no one is misled about what they are buying.
    Jeff Jones

    Product manager, Sports
  • molotoffmolotoff Posts: 13
    Thanks for the clarification
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