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Camping in Exmoor National Park - Ride suggestions?

TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
edited June 2012 in Routes
So me and Me Julie are going camping in Exmoor Park (Somerset) end of the month, place called Westermill Farm.

I have persuaded her to let me bring my bike... now where to ride it?

Anyone know the area?


  • simonekarlsimonekarl Posts: 54
    Ex moor leg buster. Natural trail

    Britton DH. Down Hill

    Pollock Woods and Beacon. XC

    Quantocks. Natural Trail
    2010 Trek Fuel Ex8. Hope Stans Flow Wheels. Maxxis Advantage Tyres and Race Face Atlas bars
    2015 Olmo Link Pro. Campgnolo Athena Carbon
    Shitty old single speed for commuting pleasure.
  • gazwagongazwagon Posts: 12
    Might be worth investing in a book "South West Mountain Biking" by Nick Cotton. Route guides and maps for loads of stuff on Exmoor. Loads of trails but you need something to guide you. :)
  • delaxmdelaxm Posts: 180
    I ride Exmoor a lot, Exford will mean a big road climb North to get to the good stuff, there's loads of it & you can return back down Stone lane (if the council haven't sanitised it :( )

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