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Godalming - Jumping

gowerpowergowerpower Posts: 12
edited June 2012 in MTB rides
I have just moved to Godalming and want to prastice my jumping does anyone know anywhere local that has some good jumps?


  • scottfitzscottfitz Posts: 283
    Milford DJ's were flattened at the end of last year. Sorry not sure of any others local Do you mean Dirt jumps or DH style jumps?
  • gowerpowergowerpower Posts: 12
    Just average size dirt jumps, used to do a bit of dirt jumping in my younger days and thought I would get back into it as it would help with my confidence on the downhill section when riding XC. I have heard there are some near Wisley (Cobham) area but got the impression they where pretty big. Has Queen Elizabeth CP got anything to offer there used to be a jump section over the back of the hill, is it still there?
  • scottfitzscottfitz Posts: 283
    Stoughton has load of drops jumps etc... ... -Downhill/

    rogate has two big table:

    Steep DJ has medium size DJ's

    not much at QE small xc style tables and drops:
  • gowerpowergowerpower Posts: 12
    Cheers Scott!!

    Videos look good, I had a browse of the KV website you guys have been busy at QE since I was last there, will have to check it out, so might see you on the trail.
  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Anyone know what access is like now for the jumps at Wisley? They'd be accessible to the OP (with a short drive)
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  • scottfitzscottfitz Posts: 283
    as far as i know it privte, dig to ride etc...
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