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Mountain biking near lake Annercy - French Alps

acer2012acer2012 Posts: 45
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I'm lucky enough to be going to the French Alps with my family this summer but I really can't find much info about all the good riding I'm hoping is there :( .

We're staying in Doussard ( ... a=N&tab=wl) and are definitely looking for trail style riding (black and red runs are great but we're too wimpy for downhill riding). We're willing to drive up to ~1/2 an hour from Doussard and are there for 12 days. As far as I can tell there's lots (200km) of this type of riding nearby but other than that I can't find any useful info.

Can somebody recommend some good maps?
Can we just roll up and ask the nearest bike shop where to ride?
Any recommended trails?
Anything else we should know about?!

Thanks in advance guys!


  • acer2012acer2012 Posts: 45
    Ok, after a tortuous bit of research involving some re-awakening of the old french I have come up with some more details. There are three nearby "trail centers":

    1) Val d'Arly - Mont Blanc
    2) Arêches - Beaufort
    3) Les Saisies - Beaufortain

    Has anyone been to any of these or picked up a map of the trails there (these can apparently be bought in tourist information centers)?
  • Pipster3Pipster3 Posts: 82
    Have a look on this site ... You might find something local to Annercy ...
  • acer2012acer2012 Posts: 45
    Thanks Pipster, I've found a day's worth of riding already now!

    Anyone else got any relevant experiences?
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