Ultegra 9 speed lever

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After crashing during cross race last season my right hand 9 speed lever doesn't always change down the block, requiring a change up a couple of cogs to an easier gear then back down the block. cleared out all crap etc and wd 40 after race. Any ideas if internals are available or ideas on repair or anyone got rh lever for sale.Cheers


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    I had a nightmare with mine. Gentle crash and had a similar issue - a knock meant the downshifter paddle wouldn't return to the normal place after a downshift.
    From what I understand, they cannot be serviced, except with some WD40 or similar in the top. I tried taking it a apart and never got it together again (and probably lost some parts)
    I tried all the online searches and there is a Facebook group by a guy who specialises in their repair, and he said the 9s are too hard to warrant the effort.
    Good opportunity to upgrade to 10s imo. I bought DA 7700 shifters - very nice they are, but probably not the best use of my money. I would keep a close eye on the for sale part of the forum. I might be wrong, but I think you only need shifters, chain and cassette (for now) for the upgrade and can do chainset and the rest at another time.
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    Thanks for reply, someone in our club is upgrading their road bike and I have first offer so will probably go that way
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    Yup - dump the Ultegra and buy something decent - match 7800 D/A or suitable with the rest of your groupset: dirt cheap in the sales or on the sale bit of the forum.