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Leeds/Liverpool Canal

scottbramwellscottbramwell Posts: 78
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Hey Guys, I want a challenge on my bike, and decided to start off with riding the Leeds/Liverpool canal. Me and my mate are planning to do it september, and just think it may be a easy start to a challenge then I/we can work are way up and doing more harder challenges(eg coast to coast). I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on this? its 127 miles, and I personally would like to do this in a day, planned right lol.
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  • mintedoxmintedox Posts: 273
    You need a free permit so it says ... al/cycling

    I have no info other than Healy Nab is just off it.
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  • lpretro1lpretro1 Posts: 237
    Officially, there is no cycling on some sections of the canal necessitating a diversion. They are listed on the Waterways website
  • Thanks, do you think it is a good idea to do the canal?
    Whyte 801
    The destination is not as important as the journey!!
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Its a nice ride but be prepared for lots of gates in the built up areas. They are a pain in the backside but necessary to keep the chavs on mopeds away. Lots of pubs for refreshment and if you have to bail out because of tiredness, weather or mechanicals your never too far from a railway station.

    Go for it but if your doing it in one day set out early its a long ride and in places the towpath is grassy and slippery and you cant go as fast as you think.
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  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    like stubs said there are a lot of barriers to stop motorbikes from using it or chavs making there getaway down it.. then there's the grumpy fishermen who moan at you casue they the one obstructing a public right of way with there stupid long poles,, ( as i found out last week) (stupid fishing competition )

    maybe look at something like the trans penine trail. here the whole route is 215 miles but you could always do it in 2 sections. (my old boss did it in a few section the other year)
    the section between machester and liverpool is quite flat.

    or there the shorter but challenging mary towneley route dont be fooled by it's 47 mile it takes in a few vertical feet...
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