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Cycling Tour in Holland - any tips?!!

RideItLikeMadRideItLikeMad Posts: 2
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Any helpful tips would be much appreciated. I'm in the process of planning a cycling tour (me and 3 others) of Holland starting from the Hook of Holland and leaving in early august. I'm planning on staying in campsites and my only concern with this is that we'll turn up to a full campsite only to be turned away and have to cycle off to find another one. Does anyone have any experience of this or are the campsites generally friendly and accomodating? I know that obviously Holland is v. cycle friendly but does this translate to their campsites?

Also does anyone have any experience of the dutch cycle routes? I've heard that it's a bit like cycling by numbers!

Thanks in advance



  • weeveweeve Posts: 393
    I live in NL ...about 15 miles from HvH in Den Haag

    1. have you read this?

    2. Cycle routes are everywhere but my guess is you want the North Sea route up the coast to the top and islands and then get train back to somewhere for the ferry. The coast path is easy to follow but indeed cycling by numbers - maps are located every now and then on paths but best to get a map in my view . ANWB is the equivalent of AA and have lots of maps ... etherlands

    3. Towns here include a little bit of urban sprall (sp?) to say the choose some nice city/village centres if want to see "old holland"

    4. no need to ask "if you speak English" rather "can we speak english please" ... then add your accom/food/route/dating question... yet to find anyone who doesnt along the west coast
  • weeveweeve Posts: 393
    ps ..if you have a gps use this site
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