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Circumnavigating the IOM?

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Me and a mate are thinking of riding around (as in, do a lap) of the Isle of Mann, but I'm having trouble trying to find a route that is off road. Does anyone know of a route or if its even possible? I've got a route but it is all road, ideally wanted to do the majority off road. Not after anything gnarly, just forest roads, singletrack etc. Looking to do it over a couple of days and staying in a tent. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I realise the above doesn't answer your question exactly, but I saw this on TV and it looked fun.
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    Best person to ask is the encyclopedia on Manx knowledge that is CWNT, drop him a PM, I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing his wisdom.

    I haven't a good idea of if you could circumnavigate completely offroad, but there is some good mountain biking.
    The plantations are good, chiefly South Barrule where there are a few trails which are very good.
    I personally enjoy the trail off the Sloc, just north of Port Erin

    Prepare for wet and windy weather, as this is the Isle of Man. This especially applies in Summer!

    I wouldn't do it in TT, MGP or Southern100 weeks as it can get quite busy with bikers.

    Otherwise, enjoy the beautiful island :)
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