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Burley trailer

rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
I have got a Burley Encore trailer which someone kindly gave to me. ... re_Trailer

I would like to take my 9 month old daughter in it and the Burley website suggests I can using this: ... Child_Seat
Winstanley's websites & a few others suggest that this can be only be used for walking & cycling but definately not cycling. The Burley website says that it can be used for cycling so I'm a bit confused.

Does anyone use one of these and am I ok to use it with my 9 months old on canal towpaths etc


  • sskellysskelly Posts: 79
    I used to take my boys in a Burley trailer when they were the same age and they sat on the normal seat. It was a few years ago (about 10!) and they just recommended that the child had to be able to sit unaided before using the trailer.

    I used to take them on the local cycle track with no problems.
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