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Bad experience using fixed gear frenzy has anyone else?

xcMuttleyxcMuttley Posts: 434
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I bought a black and red wheelset from the website about three months ago for my project.The wheels look good in the picture and when i first got them out the box they looked ok, but as soon as i looked closer it was covered in deep and not so deep scratches one even went round the whole wheel!! The paint was also flaking and had bubbles in places on both the rim and spokes. The hub looked good but there were even scratches on the metal no were near as noticable as on the rim and spokes. I asked them to be replaced which took over a month to sort out and unbelievably the second set were just as badly scratched even after asking them to package them better as there was very little packagin.,It took nearly two months for this whole thing. I am dissapointed with the product, the workmanship and the customer service. I will certainly not be purchasing any product from this website again and i would advise anyone reading this review to follow suite. I was on to them everyday as it seemed like they were ignoring me, i even posted on their facebook wall but every time i posted somthing it was deleted!! One day my message lasted for a short while and another person posted on that saying they were having the same problem. Obviously i wont be using them again but just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem? Sorry for the rant but i thought i better share my experience with them.
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