Clip on Mudguards

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Hi Folks,
Am looking to fit some mudguards to my bike, particularly the back and was told there is a type I could get that clips onto the seat post. (My bike doesnt have eyelets for mudguards)
Does anyone use these or have something to recommend.

I am not interested in fitting anything more permanent as I don't cycle in the rain, its just in case I get caught in a shower...which over here, happens a lot - Summer or not :roll:

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  • scottarm
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    go for these cable tie and elastic bands used to fit them, dead light and work a treat ... elID=54934

    or if you are on a budget try the local poundland, ours has the seat post mounted MTB style ones
  • prawny
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    Sks raceblades for quick installation and removal

    Crud roadracers for best coverage.

    I've had both, cruds dont fit my current bike, the raceblades are keeping my ass dry enough.
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