One leg doing all the work?!?!?!

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I've been back in to cycling for about a month now and have noticed something rather odd......

One of my legs appears to feel as if it is doing most of the work.

I can only assume this is down to years of playing football and being a one footed winger.

Has anyone got any tips on how I can try and level this out on the bike and try to build my left leg up to be similar to my right.


  • Monty Dog
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    One-legged drills on a turbo trainer? You could also try pedalling at higher cadences which tends to smooth your pedal stroke out.
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  • Cleat Eastwood
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    yes I've noticed this too and it seems to be the leg I dont unclip with. When i'm conscious of it i just try pushing harder with the other leg - its tough for me as I have 3 legs. :D
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  • MattC59
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    I have problems with one of my legs too, my middle one, it gets in the way and there's nothing worse than catching it in the chainset !!!!
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  • jgsi
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    Is your middle name Ahab?
    Just ride your bike normally. Don't think about it, just pedal.
  • asprilla
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    Have you had your legs checked to make sure they are the same length? My left leg is 3mm longer than my right so when things get difficult my left leg does more work. It also means my left thigh is now bigger then my right.
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