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Mountain biking in Belgium anywhere to go?

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I am off to the Belgium grand prix in spa francorchamps. The race is on for 3 days and then after that I have 11 days to kill so I was wondering does anybody know of any trail centres in Belgium or good places to mountain bike. I have been to spa francorchamps before and it would surprise me if there wasn’t any biking around there.

I am a bit of a novice so nothing too hard please. Can anybody recommend any guide books to look at?



  • jarnojarno Posts: 4
    Hi Jonny,

    Trailcentres are non existent outside the UK, but if you stop by the local tourist office, they can get you a map of all the trails in the area.

    The 'two dots and a triangle' MTB route logo can be found everywhere, and in the Spa / Malmedy region there is about 600kms of riding to do.
    A little further south the towns of Houffalize and La Roche offer great riding too!

    Pic below is taken during the Enduro race weekend 'The Blast' in the Houffalize region .

  • weeveweeve Posts: 393
    lots of places
    I go to houffalize
    loads of routes

    or others ..
    read her blog in english ... elgium.htm
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