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3-4 Day ride suggestions

chrisw333chrisw333 Posts: 695
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Has anybody got any suggestions for a 3-4 day mainly mountain bike route in the UK?

We're a smallish group of mountain bikers of mixed ability - but up for a reasonable challenge.

Two years ago we did the sutrans C2C. Good fun, but we're looking for more of a dedicated mtb route.

This year we did the Westcountry Way - a route from Plymouth to Minehead the onto Taunton. This was excellent fun, largely off road and more challenging. We found this route here:

That was a 5 day trip. Some of the lads are struggling to get a pass for a full 5 days next year, so ideally looking for a 3-4 dayer. Think this prob rules out St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay C2C and also the north- south Wales C2C?

Have considered just doing 3-4 days from a single base, but the lads like the idea of a 'journey' as opposed to just a few days riding.

We're based in the Midlands, prepared to travel - but need to factor travel time into the equation.

Any suggestions & experiences would be appreciated


  • wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
    South Downs Way, there and back?
  • chrisw333chrisw333 Posts: 695
    Thanks Wheeze. That may be a good idea. Don't know much about the South Downs Way, what's the riding like and any idea how long a two way trip would be likely to take?
  • wheezeewheezee Posts: 461
    It's not technical at all, but there's plenty of steady climbing. It's fairly well sign-posted with occasional quiet roads. I've only done parts of it myself, so can't give chapter and verse, but there's a fair bit of reference on the web.
    The time it takes is up to you, and how fit you're feeling. It has been done, 200 miles there and back, in one go by a few lunatics, but three to four days is usual. Great scenery, surprisingly remote (water can be an issue) for southern England and good going in the summer months.
  • chrisw333chrisw333 Posts: 695
    Thanks for your input, I will definitely look into it. 200 miles in 4 days sounds tough, but may be doable.

    Would be good to hear from anyone else who has done this and any recommended itinery.
  • bobs bikesbobs bikes Posts: 589
    trans pennine trail? southport to hornsea? 215 miles in 4 days is fine for this trip.
  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,177
    The welsh C2C gets a write up in this months MBUK, might be worth a look.
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