Stem raiser or new stem?

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I am finding my bars are a bit too low and need to raise them a bit maybe by an inch. What do people reocmmend...a simply stem raiser (can you get them that just raise about an inch?) or something like a new adjustable stem such as: ... RRWidgetID



  • smidsy
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    Can you flip the stem?

    Do you have room on your steerer to accept spacers?
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  • k-dog
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    The things you can do are:

    1. Move any spacers from above stem to below stem.

    2. Flip stem over so it slopes up slightly rather than down.

    3. Buy new more angled stem - or an adjustable one (most people use these to find their position and then buy a fixed one of the right shape).

    4. Use a stem raiser thingy - just ugly.

    The first 2 options are free and can often get you what you need.
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  • cycleclinic
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    If steerer tube spacers are posistioned for max stem height then flipping the stem might work. If the stem angle is too near flat to make a difference, Cinelli make the Vai stem with +/-17 degree rise and thomsen do there road stem with the same rise. There are also stems with variable rise. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Nick1978
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    Thanks everyone!
  • John.T
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    These are very good. Good range of adjustment and pretty stiff.