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Chain noise after spit & polish + new pedals on single speed

bushubushu Posts: 711
edited June 2012 in The workshop
Bought some shimano A530 pedals to replace the plastic shoe destroyers that came with the Charge plug & decided it was time for a well earnt spruce up while I was at it.

Regreased nuts bolts posts chain the lot!? now I've left the crank & chain rings alone as I know my heavy kak handedness would damage trying to dismantle and its quite new anywho..

Now its back in one piece there is a noise from the chain slipping on the chainring when pressure is applied. Like I've stretched the chain already, is this possible or have I just to fiddle with rear wheel positioning in the hope it'll find the sweet spot?
What have I done wrong :roll:

Also I know its the chain as I can see/hear it when applying pressure from crank


  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    I have another chain ready to try but rather get another opinion before I end up replacing all the chainset.

    It doesn't seem to be slipping on rear sprocket either but maybe its too small to notice stretching..
    In the meantime I'm going to grease rear drops, I forgot :roll: but probably wait for my new hope skewers, also check for true chainwheel as I'm running out of ideas :?
  • Had a similar issue with a singlespeed when the chainring bolts weren't fully tightened so worth checking them (even though you didn't touch them during the overhaul).

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