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Hi I'm thinking of changing my four season tyres to GP4000s but don't know whether to go for 23s or 25.
Im not a small guy at 15st.


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    Definitely go for 25mm - they're more comfortable and due to the better more rounded shape, they handle a lot better too. Supposedly less punctures also with the wider tyre (less pinch punctures would be the logical answer due to the extra volume).

    Many pro's are now using 25mm tyres these days.
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    Thanks for your reply
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    I would suggest 25s as well on GP4000S tyres as I bought 23mm ones recently and have found them a bit hard and a less comfortable ride than the 23 mm Schwalbe Ultremo tyres I was previously using.

    You say GP4000s - bear in mind you can get GP4000 tyres and GP4000S tyres. GP4000S tyres were the more expensive and meant to be better than the GP4000 tyres, and that is why I went for them, but they now seem to be around the same price on Wiggle.
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    Just ordered a set from Rose, £23 each compared to £33 at wiggle, just might have to wait a day or two longer.
  • I'm running 23's with latex tubes and I'm 122 kilos ,they are great and very comfy and loads of grip in wet and dry
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    Always get 23's.