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Fizik saddles

hamish123hamish123 Posts: 43
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Hello i have a fizik gobi xm wingflex on my mtb and used it on the road bike last weekend for a 100 mile ride and it was so much more comfortable than the saddle i had on the bike.
Can anyone tell me if the arione from fizik is the raad version of the gobi as would like to get one for the road bike


  • ErnesiderErnesider Posts: 300
    Well Hamish, this is my experience. I bought a Giant Composite 1 and immediately noticed that the saddle supplied with it was more comfortable than any of the many saddles I had tried before. I then discovered that this saddle was based on the Fizik Arione, so I bought one of them to get even more comfort, and put the Giant saddle on to my 'about town bike'. After about 2 months and 1500 miles I have stopped fooling myself and changed back to the Giant saddle about a week ago. Quite simply it is more comfortable with or without padded cycling shorts. May try the Planet X super light saddle next, it is also based on the Fizik Arione. It retails for £20 and has been praised in a number of reviews.
  • Mr DogMr Dog Posts: 643
    I find the arione really comfy. Careful of Fizik claimed weights, the new arione saddle I got from crc is 20g heavier than it states on the packaging. Still gives me an excuse when I get caned on Strava :wink:
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  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Well it has wingflex and says Fizik on it but will never be the same as it is designed for a different job.

    I have the Arione and it is slim and long (relative to many saddles) so you can change position for uphill, flat etc. due to the length. If you have a wide sit bone it will probably be no good.
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  • letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
    The arione is definately not the road equivalent of the Gobi. Fizik uses the spine concept:

    The road equivalent of the gobi is the antares.

    If I was you:

    1. Go to the LBS stocking Fizik saddles ask for a demo saddle(s) to try out.
    2. if the road versions are not for you then go for the Gobi - finding the right saddle is the holy grail and it looks like you found the right saddle (who cares if its the mtb saddle).
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