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Brighton Big Dog 2012

westdigital75westdigital75 Posts: 5
edited July 2012 in XC and Enduro
Hi, I'm looking for a female race partner for this year's Brighton Big Dog XC race. There are not many categories still available for entry and mixed pairs seems to be my best bet for taking part.

There is also spaces left on the Pairs Open Retro Bike, so I'd consider obtaining a qualifying retro bike and entering that category if there is someone out there looking to race retro who needs a partner.

Let me know if anyone is interested in teaming up.



  • rubixmtbrubixmtb Posts: 2

    I just wondered if anyone could shine some light on Brighton BIg Dog event, help and advice with the course, what to expect etc etc... as this will be my 1st event mixed pairs 6 hours.

    Cheers for absolutely any advice given/received.

  • Hi Rubixmtb,

    It all depends on the weather really. I rode the course on Wednesday and it was mostly dry (a few bog pits but not too many) The main thing was that the two big climbs were dry enough to cycle. The main climbs are rooty technical ascents that are pretty unrideable when wet. I rode the course on the 14th in the pouring rain and could barely walk up the climbs let alone ride them. The forecast is mixed with some heavy looking rain predicted on Friday. Make sure you have some decent tread on your tires.

    The course is a good one, pretty technical in places with some steep technical downhill sections that test your riding ability. This year I’ve entered the Retro Bike Pairs category and will be riding on an 18-year-old, 7 speed Marin with rigid forks. (£40 from ebay) I’ve ridden the course twice on this bike and managed it without too much mishap.

    There is a detailed walk-through of last year’s course on the official site and I don’t believe it changes very much from year to year.

    If last year is anything to go by, the atmosphere and support will be awesome and the whole event is a really great experience, which is why I was desperate to take part again this year. I didn’t make it to the designated pub last year to spend my beer tokens (I rode solo and was too exhausted to get off my couch) but I believe it’s a good evening and hope to be there this year.

    Good luck


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